Vikki Wiener wanted to make a difference in the lives of animals awaiting their forever homes in shelters, so she started making tug toys to bring them joy. A local dog behavior center and outfitter, The Dog Door, heard about her efforts and offered to sell them. Hence, Tugs and Hugs was born!

Vikki makes her tug toys from donated used t-shirts, so not only does she help pets in need, but she helps the environment. Dogs and cats everywhere are cheering her on. Ruby, Dachshund dog sitting on a pile of Tugs and Hugs toys

My successes. 

To me, success would be seeing that I've made a positive impact in the lives of shelter animals while still building my business. In my business plan, I need to sell four toys in order to donate one. I am just starting to increase the marketing aspect. This will help me get more t-shirts, sell more toys and then be able to donate more.

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE, specifically Kathleen Goodwin and Thomas Mock, helped me to believe that I could make my idea into an actual business and provided me with the tools - from helping me to create a business plan and budget to marketing and IT. 

What's great about my mentor? 

Kathleen has truly helped me to believe in myself. She works with me to fill in the gaps in my minimal business knowledge and her upbeat personality, confidence, compassion, and keen business knowledge have been invaluable.

I never thought that my idea would actually become a business and I am truly excited about what I am doing, my product, and my goal. Connect with SCORE. They are the most valuable resource you can have. I would also recommend having manageable goals (baby steps) while working towards solving one obstacle at a time.

Tugs And Hugs, fun for dogs and cats