Greg Mayer started One Click Fix, an on-site computer repair business, in 2015 after selling his successful computer repair shop in North Asheville. One Click Fix offers the convenience of on-site setup, troubleshooting, maintenance, training, and computer repair across a wide variety of systems.

I met Greg at one his many jobs of the day, an art gallery in downtown Asheville, where cables had run amuck and wi-fi was spotty at best. He confidently introduced me as his assistant and after a quick sideways glance I smiled and extended my hand. Our interview took place on the job and consisted of Greg managing the tasks at hand while I interjected questions at inopportune moments, because, like any good business owner, Greg puts his clients first.


How did SCORE Asheville assist you when starting One Click Fix?

Right off the bat they asked me some very important questions about my business and then paired me with a more than adequate mentor and peer who helped me structure my plans.
They provided me with someone who I can bounce ideas off of. I’m constantly learning and always reaching out to mentors now to keep growing, because I never know what advice will be offered. There is always something to learn.

What three words or phrases would you use to describe your entrepreneurial journey?

Starting anew. Driven. An opportunity to give back.

What’s your biggest challenge?

Project management.

What would you like to accomplish next?

Retire at 55 and do something completely different. I want to shift gears entirely! Maybe mentor, similar to what SCORE does. Helping people build their dreams.

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs?

Seek out the SCORE team to help you find out what you don’t know. Go in with an open mind, ask questions, and then have them ask you questions to help develop a plan.

What do you think the biggest key to success is?

Getting up earlier, staying up later, and doing it 7 days a week. You have to be willing to put in the time. You have to give it your all, especially when you’re starting out.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? When you’re not working.

I cook. Currently I’m perfecting a recipe for chicken carbonara.
And very rarely, I play video games. Maybe 30 minutes every 2 weeks.

How SCORE Helped: 


Greg’s counselor shared that he enjoyed working with Greg, stating that he is “a very high-energy guy and a unique thinker” who is also open to feedback.

SCORE counselors are real-world professionals with time-tested knowledge who donate thousands of hours to help existing local businesses and entrepreneurs starting a business succeed. Counselors are experts in areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, management and business plan preparation.

SCORE Client Stories: Meet Greg Mayer of One Click Fix