Chelsea Baldwin knew she wanted to have an impact outside of her corporate career as a CMO. She desired the flexibility that freelancing provided and made the decision to apply her marketing and journalism skills to her own business. In 2015 Copy Power was born and Chelsea started providing her copywriting services along with copywriting classes. Chelsea Baldwin speaking at SCORE event




My successes. 

"In my business model, I recognize success by revenue and recognition. 

My business is now really starting to gain a lot more recognition (and consequently more profits) this year, due in part to the positioning help I got from SCORE. I knew I wanted a better looking-website and image, and first, they helped me get to the point of booking more clients and making more money, and then I was able to pay a professional brand designer to help improve my image, so that's helping me expand and grow my success even more.

I think my next goal is to get a more steady baseline income. I now have a lot of systems in place to support what I want to happen, so the next step is getting the people and the clients to fill those systems. (I do have a fair amount of clients now, but the next step is more growth in this area.)"

How SCORE helped. 

"Having a Business Advisory Team has helped me learn how to position myself as a higher-level service provider, which has allowed me to charge higher prices for the work I do, work with the kind of clientele that matters most to me, set better boundaries in my business, and even helped me grow to the point of not doing everything myself & hiring some contractors to help me."

When asked what advice she would give potential or new entrepreneurs, Chelsea says, "Don't be afraid to ask for advice."

What's great about my mentor? 

"SCORE paired me with mentors who had experience based on my needs. Their perspectives as people who've both been successful in business AND as being the client for the kind of services I provide has given me a lot of insight in positioning myself to relate better to my target market.

They also have a big focus on networking, and have given me some great advice on doing it for myself and given me ideas on how to expand my business and my reach beyond my go-to online methods."

Copy Power