As mentors for America’s small businesses, SCORE, in partnership with Bank of America, is proud to bring you this practical workbook to help you pursue your business dreams, ideas and goals and put them into action.

SCORE and Bank of America are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed. As part of that common goal, we offer this educational resource to help you plan for that success. This workbook serves as a primer, offering practical information and exercises that will help you know whether starting a small business is right for you.

But you don’t have to go it alone. SCORE provides other great resources like mentoring and workshops, including the Simple Steps for Starting Your Business workshop series on which this workbook is based. Attending this workshop, which includes one-on-one mentoring with a SCORE expert, will provide you with a solid foundation for pursuing your business idea. It’s all about helping you live your dream.

Every day, SCORE’s 13,000 mentors volunteer their time and expertise to help small business owners like you with confidential, free business mentoring. Founded in1964, the SCORE Association has helped more than 9 million entrepreneurs start, build, expand and protect their small businesses.

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Simple Steps for Starting Your Business