The Internet has become part of our lives, both personal and business. Yet, many businesses are unsure how to use the Internet to effectively market and grow their businesses. Costs, resource allocation, and return on investment can seem daunting when dealing with a business Web site, e-mail, and e-commerce in addition to the daily pressures of managing a business.

This brochure, published in conjunction with our partner SCORE, provides answers and resources to help you harness the most powerful sales and marketing tools available—the Internet and the World Wide Web.

As the world’s leading print and online directory publisher, we serve small and medium-size businesses through Verizon SuperPages and Verizon For years, small businesses have relied on the Yellow Pages to reach customers. Today, however, the reach of the Yellow Pages also includes the Internet—your connection to customers next door and around the world.

Through Verizon’s national field force, we work hand-in-hand with you to help your business grow. Our most recent Annual Small Business Internet Survey shows that small-business Web sites are increasing and e-mail communication with customers is now an integral part of growing businesses. We will continue to provide you the resources necessary to most effectively manage and use these new tactics and tools.

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How to Really Market on the Internet