We are very pleased to provide you with Business Planning Tools for Non-Profits – Second Edition, which incorporates an important new resource: Volunteerism – A Valuable Strategic Asset. This new, expanded edition of our initial guidebook represents the second phase of an initiative by SCORE and The Office Depot Foundation to assist nonprofit organizations in building their capacity to serve their communities.

This Second Edition has been funded by The Office Depot Foundation in collaboration with The SCORE Foundation. We continue to appreciate the financial support of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation and the willingness of a number of other non-profit organizations to let SCORE incorporate their ideas and materials in our resource materials. We are also grateful to the Serve Illinois Commission of the Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Community Health and Prevention for permitting SCORE and The SCORE Foundation to utilize its ideas and content in our resource materials.

Volunteers represent a significant asset in non-profit organizations. But too often, this asset is not factored into the overall strategic or business planning process of an organization. Whether it is programmatic, financial or strategic, a volunteer program has an impact on both the success and the challenges of any charity. Incorporating this key component into your overall business planning model will provide invaluable benefits.

The volunteerism information in this guidebook represents a natural extension of the Business Planning Tools for Non-Profits materials you will find in the first section. It is our hope that this expanded publication will assist your board, staff and volunteers in strengthening your organization and fully realizing your vision of service to your community.

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Business Planning Tools for Non-Profit Organizations – Second Edition