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Consider a Collections Agency

December 28, 2014
BY SUSAN HOLMES You’ve done everything you can to get that customer to pay: phone calls, letters, offers to accept partial payment. And still nothing. It may well be time to turn... Read more
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Planning, good action key to sales

December 14, 2014
Lay the groundwork with customer filtering. BY TOM JARED No business will succeed without generating sales. It’s one of the critical functions that most every business shares,... Read more
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Veterans Transition into Entrepreneurs

December 7, 2014
By Bill Mance Many people join the armed forces to gain valuable skills, training and personal growth. The opportunities need not end when it’s time to return to civilian life. In... Read more
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Puchasing a Business? Know the Back Story

November 23, 2014
Even when established, same research as a start-up is needed By Ron Gallaway Buying an existing small business can expedite one’s way into entrepreneurship. All the up-front... Read more
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Tackling Overtime Issues Can Be Tricky

November 2, 2014
By Rob Mason Should you be paying overtime to your employees? The answer is: it depends. Sometimes the issue of overtime pay is more of an ethical question than a legal question.... Read more
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Learn Effective Time Management

October 12, 2014
By Bob Bond Guest columnist Do you feel like you work all day yet never catch up with your to-do list? Here are tips on making the most of your time: Don’t do it all. There may be... Read more
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Protect Business with the Right Insurance

October 5, 2014
by Rob Mason You invest a great deal into starting and growing a business, so it makes sense to protect it. Many types of insurance are available, but not every business needs the... Read more