Why do some women in business have such an easy time promoting themselves and others  feel scared, overwhelmed and avoid sharing their gifts out loud?

According to sales expert and award-winning business coach, Mary O'Connor, there is an undiagnosed disorder that keeps many talented women from sharing their expertise with the world, and it keeps them stuck, frustrated and under-earning...it's called SPAD (Self Promotion Anxiety Disorder).

Mary's training and coaching company, The Ecstatic Entrepreneur, helps entrepreneurs overcome “self-promotion anxiety disorder” and create 6-figure businesses. In the past 20 years, Mary has mentored over individual 4,000 businesses, including KPMG, Genentech, YWCA, and U.S. Health and Human Services.   A national public speaker, Mary speaks on Client Attraction, Marketing, and the Sacred Energy of Money.  She is known for her sharp, incisive intuition, her practical business savvy and her irreverent sense of humor.

"I noticed working with primarily women in business that there is a lot of fear about promoting themselves and avoiding the whole marketing thing. There are a few reasons for this: lack of clarity about their offer, and lack of clarity about the problem they are solving. Once they understand how to articulate their offer and how it addresses the urgent need of their clients, these women entrepreneurs can get moving and get clients."

On November 15, Mary brings her unique and interactive approach the Asheville SCORE's Women's Business Roundtable with her latest seminar, "How to Avoid Self-Promotion Anxiety Disorder." 

  • Discover if you have SPAD and what it is costing you
  • What happens in the brain that keeps us from acting (and promoting) on our own behalf
  • The 8 Steps to cure SPAD 
  • Simple strategies to immediately create more confidence and enable you to take positive action

Learn more as Mary shares more about Self-Promotion Anxiety Disorder (SPAD) with Asheville SCORE Mentor Elizabeth Pou. 

Attendance is limited to 25 women entrepreneurs or "soon to be" entrepreneurs.   We expect this workshop to be filled.  Register early to ensure you get a seat.   Event details and registration can be found here.


“There is a torrent of praise just flowing out of me about what I've
gained from working with you. I am overflowing with gratitude for who you are and how you've helped me!  I feel the fire of creativity and my larger vision pulling me forward!  Thank you for holding a big space for me and calling me out to show up in a more aligned way.”

Christine Tulis, Visionary Harpist

Through Mary's Business Workshop course I've grown my confidence, clarity, and income. Thanks to the invaluable tools she taught, I now sell and manage projects where both my clients and me come out winners.”

Torrey Douglas, Lemon Fresh Design, website designer

Women's Business Roundtable Presents 'The Ecstatic Entrepreneur'