Asheville SCORE Serves Clients throughout Western North Carolina

In addition to providing the small business and entrepreneurial community of Asheville with free counseling and business seminars, Asheville SCORE supports business owners and professionals in all parts of Western North Carolina. Learn why our clients in the High Country love working with SCORE and how we have helped them grow.

SCORE Provides Business Mentoring for Growing Start-Up Tsuga

“Score and Herman Metzler have been working with Tsuga since 2010. Herman’s mentoring and advice have been a huge help in steering us through the business world as a start up company. Herman continues to check in and give advice when needed and Score provides valuable resources. Without Score and Herman, Tsuga would have had a much more difficult time making it in the ever changing business world. As an up and coming company, we highly recommend Score and its mentors as a valuable business tool.”

~ Jimi Combs, Tsuga

SCORE Provides Support and Expertise to Budding Entrepreneur Elizabeth Hempfling

“I was introduced a number of years ago to SCORE by my uncle in New Mexico, who was at the time a contributing member to SCORE. I, now at the age of 26, was an entrepreneur (Wedding Planner) and realized yet again that SCORE could help benefit me in many ways. I contacted SCORE’s main website and within 24 hours was contacted by Herman Metzler. I value the opinions and the time that has been given to me. Many of my questions have been answered and I am finally feeling as if I am on the right track thanks to SCORE and Herman.


~ Elizabeth Hempfling, owner of Events be Elizabeth Ashley

Reach Out to Receive Free Business Counseling and Access to Free Seminars in Asheville

The volunteers at Asheville SCORE come from all walks of life and all professional backgrounds. We would love to help support and grow your business or organization. Feel free to make an appointment online to meet with someone in Asheville or in the High Country.


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