Asheville SCORE held a recent event at the Smoky Park Supper Club to thank  mentors, partners,  and clients.  SCORE District Director, Bill Kerns made a few remarks congratulating the Asheville Chapter on its continued growth and recognition in the community.   SCORE chapter President Elizabeth Pou also spoke, thanking all three groups present.  4 clients attended the event.  They were:   


Client                               Business                                        Mentor

Geoff Gillikin                   Sunshine Windows and Gutters    Natalie Blacher

Chelsea Baldwin              Get Copy Power                            Tom Mock

Tim Sadler                        PEACE Pros                                  Brent Russell

Jo Wainwright and           Crow Bar Farm Foods                   Bob Bond

Sharon Smith

Service partners who attended included:  Mountain BizWorks, City of Asheville Small Business Development Department, Venture Asheville, Melody Isis Herman, A-B Tech Small Business Center - Growing Small Businesses, Sarah Deborah Benoit. and evolv.