SCORE volunteers are people who give back to the local business community, many of them after they have retired from the workforce. Our members come from all backgrounds,  professions, locations, and personal stories. We are all united by our goal to support, encourage, and educate business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups. Today we’d like you to meet Robert Bond, one of our SCORE counselors in Asheville. Here is what Robert has to share about why he volunteers and what skills he brings to the table for local clients.

Q. What are your areas of business expertise?

A. My knowledge is mostly related to sales and marketing.

Q. Over the course of your career path what has been your #1 strength? What personality trait, skill, or ability was integral to your professional success?

A. My greatest professional strength is my ability to analyze marketing and sales situations and plans. The personality trait that was most integral to my career success is perseverance

Q. Why do you volunteer for SCORE?

A. Volunteering for SCORE was part of retirement strategy. I wanted to utilize my skills as a value to others in the community and give back.

Q. If you could give a new or existing business owner one piece of advice what would it be?

A. Watch your cash flow!

Q. What is one of your favorite things to do or places to go in Asheville?

A. I love to play tennis in Aston Park.

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